H&M Landing
H&M Landing
H&M Landing is the West Coast's oldest, most experienced sportfishing company and represents San Diego's finest ocean going passenger fleet. Whether you're looking for the challenge and excitement of offshore fishing on an open party ticket, private charter, or luxury yacht, we have the vessels, facilities and personnel to fulfill your individual needs. Target albacore, tuna, yellowtail and many more species in the waters of Southern California and Mexico. There is action year around.
2803 Emerson Street San Diego, CA 92106 Phone : (619) 222-1144
Visit Us online at: http://www.hmlanding.com
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Sun Mar 01 2015, 06:44PM
1/2 day am 17 anglers Caught : 1 Halibut 1 Whitefish 50 Mackerel 73 Rockfish 3 Sculpin 2 Perch
Sun Mar 01 2015, 06:43PM
3/4 day 11 anglers Caught : 34 Yellowtail 1 Sand Bass 2 Barracuda 15 Rockfish 7 Bonito 2 Lingcod 2 Sculpin
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