Royal Star Long-Range Sportfishing Fish Report

Big day on trophy bluefin rivaling any of the legendary hits of old in the far south regions. Though apples and oranges when comparing giant yellowfin/bluefin strength and character in the size category the opportunity today was as good as they come. What a hit. All morning long steady chances at bluefin from 220-250 pounds was the theme. And this group of fine, well prepared, veteran big fish anglers made good on the rare fortune. Finishing off the morning with a dozen bluefin from 218-245 pounds and a couple other “shrimps” at 170 and 185 we headed down to another zone to top off the day with a round or two hundred pounders for the night. And, as so often occurs when good fortune is on one’s side, we had a heck of a night on those too; the perfect complement to an epic morning in absolutely stunning, beautiful weather. Laden with fresh bluefin tucked safely away in the RSW tanks we’ll pull the throttle back a bit tomorrow seeking a few more trophies and perhaps some variety to cap off the trip.