Condor 2022 Charter Book Is Open


Scott checking in for the Condor out of Fisherman's Landing. They are geared up and ready for 2022. If you want to get any dates, now is the time. Since 1981 we have been leaders in the Sportfishing World.  In 2002, we introduced the Condor and have been at the forefront ever since.  We continue to grow, adapt and modernize our methods and equipment to stay atop of an ever-changing industry.

Fish The Big Bird!
2021 Catch results, 1,831 yellowtail - 1,271 bluefin Tuna - 439 dorado - 340 yellowfin Tuna - 58 Skipjack Tuna - 14 bonito - 1 bigeye Tuna

Call for information and reservations at 619-221-8500 or for a Full Schedule Book Online .