Daiwa Pacific Guarantee Go This Saturday 1.5 Day
  • Posted by Poseidon
  • Sat May 27th 11:29 AM

Mike checked in for the Daiwa Pacific out of H&M Landing. They came in from a 1.5-day trip with 100 Rockfish, 14 Yellowtail, 8 Bluefin Tuna, and 6 Spanish Jack.Bluefin Tuna

Online 3/4 day for Saturday and 1.5-Day on Monday, June 12th.

Call 619-222-1144 for all trip information or Book Online Here. For charters, call 619-212-6741

The Daiwa Pacific's next trip is a 1.5-Day departing Mon Jun 5th 8:00 PM Click here for more info.
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