Freedom 2.5-Day Wrap-Up Report, Trevor is Live


Trevor checked in for the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing. It was tougher fishing but they still made a trip of it and landed +79 mixed fish. The 1st day they got on a nice school of Yellowfin that acted like they wanted to bite but ended up fizzling out. They ended up catching 14 Yellowfin and 1 Bluefin tuna out of it. They drove around the rest of the day pretty much, not seeing much, but ended up catching 1 Bluefin tuna in the dark. They didn't want to stay in that area. So they jammed to the outside and anchored up in the shallows and ended up with 35 Bonito, 25 Yellowtail, and another Bluefin(20 lb). After that, they were on the hunt for the bigger ones! They got 2 fish on the kite, one was 150 lb and the other was 213 lb. Another gentleman hooked one on the jig, it was about 180-183 lbs. Trevor has the current fish report for you below.Bluefin Tuna

They have plenty of room for you on a 1.5-day trip departing Tuesday, October 17th.

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